Most of our fans have asked us over the years if they could buy a cd or dvd with our songs.

We have been touring for years in a row, to build up a fan base as well as our songs. We started as a coverband, but gradually entered our own originals - almost all written by Ilene - to the entertainment. Listen and see for yourself if you like 'em. Please don not feel obliged to download them all.

Youtube Video's

These are short, 30 second movies. For full versions, ask us or enter our shop. The most recent vids are with our Spanish friends: La Traviesa 21 september, and cafe Del Far, november 28.

Hammond and cello virtuosity @ Freewheelers In the Netherlands we were accompanied by talented drummer Clyde Pinas and famous Hammond player Willem van der Schoof (Eelco Gelling Band, Oscar Benton etc). Some video's were shot when we played at the only Dutch church where a pope had resided, in Goedereede. Here are some songs in that setting: Goedereede Freewheelers, and a nice Freewheelers compilation. We asked Nico Christiansen if we could be part of his radioshow, direct from 010 Rotterdam, here is one of the songs we did .

Willem van der Schoof, spring 2014 . Clyde Pinas, spring 2014

With our Dutch drummer Clyde Pinas we played in Antwerp, Belgium, where the owner of the Hoevenen bar promised us to be our Belgian booker...we are ready Patrick Calden!

Before going back to the Netherlands, we played the big Tenth Alacannabis festival, headlining after Raymundo Amador opened for us: X Alacannabis festival

In the Netherlands we also played with Arthur and his twin brother Rutger, and with Tanja on background vocals. And of course with Stephan and Jacco, opening for Livin'BluesXperience at a blues festival October 15, 2011 (Bluesparty Mook). Jeckyl and Hyde Blues party Mook, Kansas City, Summertime and Hound Dog. With this setup we also played the Hall of Fame in Tilburg, see Jamming.

at Bluezy show Stephan accompanied us also to our live show at Bluezy Radio, and to gigs in Nijmegen, the Dutch artist village Ruigoord and Den Bosch. One of our favorite covers is The thrill is gone (mix of gigs in Den Bosch, Nijmegen and Ruigoord Amsterdam, where we were accompanied by Paul, Mari and Jacob on drums. In Den Bosch we had an American pianoplayer going by the name of JP Morgan.


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